Historical Christian Science Lectures

Historical Christian Science Lectures

Listen to Historical Recordings of Christian Science Lectures

Also includes several talks and association addresses

We are pleased to offer audio recordings of historical Christian Science lectures. During the 1960’s, Christian Science lectures were frequently broadcast in the New York City area. Many of them were recorded by the webmaster of this site on reel-to-reel tape, which you may now enjoy. Visitors to our site have also contributed many additional lectures.

In addition to lectures, you may find several talks and association addresses. An association address is given by a Teacher of Christian Science to their students. Few association addresses have survived the passing of years. They represent the more advanced writings on Christian Science.

A few lectures use a synthesized, computer-generated voice. The lectures date from 1922 or earlier, and were printed in media such as the newspapers and journals of the time. You may notice some imperfections in the text-to-speech conversion, but hopefully the message will come through.

You may download and listen to these recordings for your own personal use only. You are not permitted to copy/upload the lectures to your website or any other website, sell them, use them for commercial purposes, or reproduce and distribute them without permission in any form whatsoever.

If you enjoy these lectures, or wish to contribute your vintage recordings feel free to drop me a note. Another website called cslectures.org offers the full text of these and many others, which you may read or print.

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We are grateful to have a new lecture entitled I Am That I Am by Bicknell Young, donated to this site by Anthony Whitehouse.  You may find this and other new lectures by sorting by Newest. Check back frequently.

List of Christian Science Audio Lectures as of 2021-01-24

Some visitors have requested a simple list which can be printed out with the names of the lecturers and the titles. You may find this list below.


  1. George Aghamalian : More Than a Superstar
  2. Henry Alton : How to Love and Be Loved
  3. Catherine H. Anwandter : How To Find Lasting Satisfaction
  4. Catherine H. Anwandter : Science and the New Man
  5. Frank Ayres : CS- The Revelation of True Safety (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  6. Arch Bailey : Christian Science, The Solution for Mankind's Entanglements
  7. John Sidney Braithwaite : Christian Science, A Reason for Hope (Synthesized)
  8. Martin Broones : A Discovery That Meets The Needs of Today
  9. Martin Broones : Christian Science, A Religion That Heals Through Prayer
  10. Martin Broones : Christian Science, Its Answer for Today's Demands
  11. Martin Broones : Is There A Way Out?
  12. Martin Broones : The Standard of Christian Science
  13. Martin Broones : What Are We Looking For?
  14. Harry Browne : Christian Science The Revelation of Gods Healing Presence
  15. Noel D Bryan Jones : The Science of Being Unafraid
  16. Noel Bryon Jones : The Light By Which We See
  17. Charles Carr : What Is Man?
  18. Charles M. Carr : Christian Science And Everyday Living
  19. Charles M. Carr : How Christian Science Can Help You
  20. Charles M. Carr : Renewal
  21. Jules Cern : Christian Science, The Divine Solution to Every Human Problem
  22. Jules Cern : Christian Science, The Truth That Heals
  23. George Channing : Christian Science, Demand of the Times
  24. George Channing : Christian Science, Its Assurance of Guidance to Men
  25. George Channing : Christian Science, Its Constructive Mission
  26. George Channing : Christian Science, Its Verdict of Acquittal
  27. George Channing : Christian Science, Practical Religion
  28. George Channing : Christian Science, The Revelation of Spiritual Power
  29. George Shaw Cook : God is Good (Synthesized)
  30. Nola Cook : Come Home to the Father
  31. Nola Cook : Is It Possible To Live Hapily Ever After
  32. Nola Cook : On Thy Care Depends
  33. Nola A Cook : Assurance Not Insurance
  34. Blanche K. Corby : Christian Science, The Revelation of Truth (Synthesized)
  35. Blanche K. Corby : Christian Science, The Truth That Heals (Synthesized)
  36. William Milford Correll : Christian Science Reveals a New View of Man
  37. William Milford Correll : There Is Only One Real Ego (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  38. Albert B Crichlow : Divine Love is the Only Mind
  39. Albert B Crichlow : Prayer Power
  40. Grace Bemis Curtis : Let's Choose Heaven Here
  41. Richard J. Davis : Christian Science: The Revelation of True Freedom
  42. Henrik de Lange : The Science of Divine Dominion
  43. Adam H. Dickey : God's Law of Adjustment
  44. Adam H. Dickey : Possession
  45. Marian English : The Power of the Word
  46. Howard Erwin : How You Are Needed
  47. Charles Ferris : Ethics For Today
  48. Charles Ferris : Who Is In Control
  49. Charles W. Ferris : The Spiritual Basis of Health
  50. Richard L. Glendon : How Christian Science Heals Fear
  51. Martin Heafer : What Is Life?
  52. Martin N. Heafer : There's Always An Answer
  53. Joseph Heard : Mind and Man
  54. Joseph Heard : We Thy People
  55. Hermann Hering : Handling the Phases of Animal Magnetism
  56. Norman Holmes : God, Not Chance (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  57. Norman Holmes : Our Search For Identity
  58. Frank T. Hord : Christian Science Preaches the Kingdom of God and Heals The Sick
  59. Jack Hubbell : Divine Truth Frees You From Limitation (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  60. Jack Hubbell : It Shall Be the Duty
  61. Dan Jensen : Practical Wisdom
  62. Dan Jensen : To Begin Rightly
  63. Gary John Jewkes : Handling Resistance to Christian Healing
  64. William D. Kilpatrick : Christian Science, God's Law (Synthesized)
  65. Ronald Klette : God Is All, Part 1 of 3 (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  66. Ronald Klette : God Is All, Part 2 of 3 (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  67. Ronald Klette : God Is All, Part 3 of 3 (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  68. John C. Lathrop : Christian Science, Its Naturalness, Simplicity, and Practicality (Synthesized)
  69. Matchette Marjorie : Strengthening The Family Through Spiritual Education
  70. Thomas A. McClain : Why Spiritual Healing?
  71. William McCracken : Christian Science, The Promised Comforter
  72. Robert Mitchell : Let God Direct Your Life
  73. Lanson Norcross : God Is Love (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  74. Ames Nowell : The Key To The Kingdom (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  75. John Peterson : Healing In Our Church
  76. Jessica Pickett : Individualizing God's Power
  77. Jessica Pickett : You're Someone Worth Knowing
  78. Jessica Pickett : Your Right To Be Right
  79. John D. Pickett : Christian Science, The Life Preserving Power of True Intelligence
  80. James Pike : Life Without Doubt (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  81. James Pike : Rise And Shine
  82. James E Pike : Arise and Shine
  83. James E Pike : Life Without Doubt (Original)
  84. James E Pike : Rise and Shine (partial lecture)
  85. Geith Plimmer : Keeping Pace With God
  86. Geith Plimmer : The Christian's Best Friend
  87. Geith A Plimmer : Christian Science: The Christian's Best Friend
  88. Geith A Plimmer : Humanity's Link With God
  89. Geith A Plimmer : The Discovery of the Healing Christ
  90. Geith A Plimmer : The Healing of Moral Weakness (Note: Lecture ends prematurely)
  91. Sylvia Poling : Christian Science, The Way to Holiness and Health
  92. Dorothy Rieke : Wonderful Things Are Taking Place (Read by unknown)
  93. Julio Rivas : Untitled (30 min)
  94. Harold Rodgers : The Family of Man
  95. Paul Stark Seeley : Christian Science Reveals Spiritual Forces
  96. Paul Stark Seeley : Christian Science, The Activity of Good (Synthesized)
  97. Paul Stark Seeley : The Origin and Power of Thought (Updated, almost complete. Audio distorted.)
  98. Paul Stark Seeley : The Revelation of Spiritual Law
  99. Paul Stark Seeley : Untitled Lecture 1919 (Synthesized)
  100. Myrtle Smith : Moral Courage - How Do We Obtain It?
  101. Myrtle Smyth : Angels
  102. Myrtle Smyth : Church Organization (with Q&A)
  103. Myrtle Smyth : Gods Law of Restoration
  104. Myrtle Smyth : Greatest Of These is Love
  105. Myrtle Smyth : Neither Villain Nor Victim
  106. Florence Southwell : Awakening To Newness Of Life
  107. Florence Southwell : God's Love and the Human Need
  108. Clarence Steves : Love, Part 1 of 3 (An Association Address Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  109. Clarence Steves : Love, Part 2 of 3 (An Association Address Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  110. Clarence Steves : Love, Part 3 of 3 (An Association Address Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  111. Richard Strain : Demonstrating The Love That Makes Churches Grow
  112. Bettie Thompson : Trust in God (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  113. Irving Tomlinson : The Science of Mind
  114. Patricia Tuttle : A Lesson From A Bridge
  115. Patricia Tuttle : Claim Your Real Inheritance
  116. James Watt : Christian Science, Its Limitless Promise
  117. Paul Wavro : The Way of Abundant Life
  118. Patricia Webb : Economy Secure Under Divine Providence
  119. Patricia Webb : God's Protecting Power
  120. Patricia Webb : Spiritual Understanding Governs Body
  121. Patricia Webb : Untitled Lecture, 1989
  122. Nathanial R. White : The Continuity of Good
  123. Nathaniel White : Cycles of Good
  124. Nathaniel White : What Controls Your Thought? (Full Lecture)
  125. Martha Wilcox : Practice (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  126. Edward C Williams : Let There Be Light
  127. John Wyndham : Do We Think or Just Think We Think?
  128. Bicknell Young : Christian Science, The Science of True Living (Synthesized)
  129. Bicknell Young : God is Individual Consciousness
  130. Bicknell Young : Handling Aggressive Mental Suggestion
  131. Bicknell Young : I Am That I Am
  132. Bicknell Young : Oneness - Part 1, Read by Murray Davis
  133. Bicknell Young : Oneness - Part 2, Read by Murray Davis
  134. Bicknell Young : The Science of Life (Read by Anthony Whitehouse)
  135. Bicknell Young : Title Unknown 1917 (Synthesized)
  136. Otto G. Ziegenhagen : Christian Science Reveals God as a Very Present Help