Christian Science Monitor

Founded in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy, The Christian Science Monitor offers readers clear, unbiased reporting of worldwide news. Its accuracy and solution-oriented approach have won the newspaper six Pulitzer prizes. The Monitor is a news weekly that confidently confronts today’s complex and changing world. 

Christian Science Sentinel

How are men, women and children around the world using the ideas in Science and Health to overcome illness, stress, addiction, and more? How is humanity finding a spiritual perspective on healthcare, the sciences, and society? Find out each week in this engaging magazine.

Herald of Christian Science

The Herald of Christian Science is published in 13 languages, giving readers around the world practical examples of the availability and utility of the laws of God. Along with articles and testimonies of healing, each issue includes a directory of Christian Science churches, practitioner, and other listings applicable to each language.

Christian Science Journal

An inspiring resource for anyone who wants to know more about the practice of spiritual healing. In-depth articles, features, editorials, interviews, and reports of healing provide readers with valuable encouragement and examples of how Christian healing is practiced all over the world.

Christian Science Quarterly

A daily resource to help you find insight and inspiration. There are 26 bible lesson subjects. These lessons can be studied during the week. The citations from the Bible and Science and Health make up the Sunday sermon in every Christian Science church world-wide.

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