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Podium of the Glastonbury Christian Science ChurchMary Baker Eddy, the woman who founded The First Church of Christ, Scientist, over a century ago says in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:

The time for thinkers has come.”

Looking to deepen your relationship with your Father-Mother God? Seeking answers to challenging questions? Exploring the role of spirituality in your life? Looking for a physical healing through prayer? Our friendly church community will support you as you actively nurture your relationship with God.

Meet our Pastor

Pastor (one dictionary says): “a Shepherd, one who feeds the flock.”

Our Shepherd is the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Our Sunday services are conducted by two members elected from the congregation who read a sermon consisting of citations from these books on topics like “Love,” “Truth,” and some truly thought-provoking theological issues like “Doctrine of Atonement.”

Hymns, a vocal solo, a brief time for prayer for others, and a benediction are included in the hour-long service.

The Bible and Science and Health are the source material for our Sunday and Wednesday evening services. As a “thinker,” you’ll find our church rich in ideas to contemplate.

Discover your true relationship with our Father-Mother God, including His power to comfort and heal.

Sunday Services

If you’re looking for a new church home or visiting our area, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome at our service. Our service consists primarily of readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

The musical prelude you’ll hear as you enter sets the tone for the exciting new ideas that will be read, along with familiar Bible stories in that week’s Lesson/Sermon.

We have a “come as you are” dress code with an emphasis on brotherhood and love, not formality.

Sunday School

In our Sunday School, which meets at the same time as the church service, students up to the age of 20 learn from the lives and examples of Bible characters. The Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and the Sermon on the Mount, which promote brotherly love, are also taught.

Young people are invited to explore how God can guide their decisions and provide answers to problems they may be facing.

Student-directed topics are regularly addressed such as bullying, relationship problems, career paths and physical healing.

Wednesday Evening Services

Readings addressing local concerns as well as world issues make up half of the Wednesday Testimony meeting. Then, members of the congregation are invited to share healing testimonies that have resulted through their prayers in dealing with health issues, financial challenges, and relationships, just to name a few.

Children’s Room

Loving care in our Children’s Room is provided for infants and children not yet ready for Sunday School.

Our Children’s Room is open during both our Sunday morning services and Wednesday evening meetings.


Reading Room

Our Reading Room is open to everyone. You can read, borrow or purchase the Bible, Bible resources and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which makes the Bible come alive.

Come in to read or buy copies of our weekly and monthly magazines, or use our computer to find people’s accounts of healing of minor to major injuries, mending of broken bones, protection from contagious disease, healing trauma, and harmonizing of family and work relationships.

If you’re curious about Christian Science, the Christian Science Sentinel might be a good place to start to see how others have gotten through dark times. Talk with the friendly Reading Room attendant, or spend some quiet time reading to regain your spiritual bearings in the middle of your busy day. Why not set aside some time this week for “the things of the Spirit” and come see for yourself!

Church, Reading Room and Contact Information

Sunday Service
and Sunday School
10:30 AM in-person
Also available via Zoom audio only. Contact us by email for codes.
Wednesday Testimony Meeting
7:30 PM In-person.
Also available via Zoom audio only. Contact us by email for codes.
Thanksgiving Day Service
10:30 AM in-person
Also available via Zoom audio only. Contact us by email for codes.
Reading Room Hours
Tues and Sat from 11 to 2:00.
Church and Reading Room
42 School Street
Glastonbury, CT 06033-2241
Church and Reading Room Location
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